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Russian Spies in the US – Alias style

Originally posted on Wed, Jun 30 2010 at ROPL.org.

If you watched TV in early 2000s, you might remember a clever spy show on ABC called Alias. You might also remember that several main characters on the show were revealed to be Russian spies. Who knew that life could (allegedly) imitate art?

You might feel as though you’ve stepped back in time – or picked up a classic spy novel, but you’d be wrong. On Monday June 28, 11 people were arrested on suspicion of being part of a Russian spy ring – in the United States. Yes, it’s still 2010; we haven’t gone back in time. And yet, in the New York, Boston and Virginia areas, these people were arrested.

While the case is still ongoing, here are some news sites with relevant (and interesting) material:

And in case you do want to catch up on your spy reading, here are some fiction and non-fiction titles to keep you going:

  • Pandora’s Box by Clive Egleton
  • The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst
  • Eye of the Archangel by Forrest DeVOE
  • Bonded Fleming, a James Bond omnibus by Ian Fleming
  • Jason Bourne (series) by Robert Ludlum (and others)
  • The Defection of A.J. Lewinter and The Stalin Epigram by Robert Littell
  • The Spy Who Came In From the Cold by John Le Carré
  • Once a Spy by Keith Thompson
  • Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles by Will Clarke
  • Old Boys by Charles McCarry
  • The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer
  • The Book of Spies: an anthology of literary espionage (short stories) by Alan Furst (ed.)
  • Young Bond (series) by Charles Higson (YA)
  • Alex Rider (series) by Anthony Horwitz (YA)
  • Gallagher Girls (series) by Ally Carter (YA)
  • FBI 100 Years: an unofficial history by Henry Holden (nonfiction)
  • Legacy of ashes: the history of the CIA by Tim Weiner (nonfiction)
  • The secret history of the CIA by Joseph Trento (nonfiction)
  • MI6: inside the covert world of Her Majesty’s secret intelligence service by Stephen Dorril (nonfiction)
  • Defend the realm: the authorized history of MI5 by Christopher M. Andrew (nonfiction)
  • Secret wars: one hundred years of British intelligence inside MI5 and MI6 by Gordon Thomas (nonfiction)
  • The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British spy ring in wartime Washington by Jennet Conant (nonfiction)
  • Perfect spy: the incredible double life of Pham Xuan An by Larry Berman (nonfiction)
  • Secret empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the hidden story of America’s space espionage by Philip Taubman (nonfiction)
  • In denial: historians, communism & espionage by John Earl Haynes (nonfiction)
  • The haunted wood: Soviet espionage in America–the Stalin era by Allen Weinstein (nonfiction)

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