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Let’s get this party started …

Not that there’s a party to get started, but it’s about time I started blogging about libraries, books, and everything else I adore. I suppose I should do an introductory post first, so I guess this is it. I’m not entirely sure who is going to read this (if anyone at all, to be quite honest, but that’s okay — even if it’s just my sister reading (hi sis!), I’ll survive).

Hello, my name’s Sarah and I’m addicted to the internet. And also to books, Asian pop (mostly mandopop and kdramas at the moment) movies, tv shows and doing my job well. I know, that’s a lot to take in. And yes, before you ask, I am on Facebook (maybe I’ll link you, maybe not). I’m also on tumblr, twitter, LJ and a bunch of other sites — but no, you don’t get that info (unless you know me personally, and even then you are subject to my whims). Eventually there’ll be aclockworksub everywhere. I hope. If I don’t slack off like I totally did the last time.

So what else do you need to know about me? Oh, I don’t know. You can find out more in the about me section, but what you should know is that I like to read. No, scrap that. I love to read. That’s not, of course, why I became a librarian — but it’s definitely something that’s really helpful when you’re a librarian. One of my favorite things about being a librarian (teen and adult) is reader’s advisory. If you’re new to libraries, that means I get to help you figure out what to read next. And I love it, especially if you’re into or interested in getting into teen/ya books (I firmly believe that adult can and should read the shit out of YA — yes, the books are that good).

In my free time I watch a lot of TV (thank you Netflix and DramaFever), but I also watch some movies. I’m really lucky because I have three friends (two in the library world) who love to go see movies with me. Which explains how someone who doesn’t like the Twilight series has seen all the movies. Seriously. I have. I’ll write about that someday, too. I’ve also seen loads of bad stuff (seriously, who thought that Red Riding Hood was a good idea?), but it’s fun.

So, what’s the point of this blog? To write about shit. Lots of shit. YA books, bad movies and all sorts of stuff I love (and hate). Why? Because it’s time I did it again. Will I be able to keep it up? Probably not. But, hey, why the hell not?

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