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goodreads strikes back or sarah’s return to goodreads

I maintain a couple of accounts on LibraryThing (which is the platform I actually prefer) and you can find an outdated (and sorely in need of updating) list of books which I own (this is also where the idea for A Clockwork Sub came from). I use LT for my personal list of every book I’ve read since 2006, along with reviews, starting in 2007. I will not be sharing that information, sorry people (not that I’m really sorry), but what I am doing is updating my (brand spanking new) Goodreads account (and you can see a list of the books I’m currently reading in the sidebar to your left). I left Goodreads when I decided that my previous internet ID that was related to my profession was kind of lame (I deleted almost everything, there’s still an LJ hanging around which I might change the username one day.

Anyway, back to the point. This whole transferring books from LT to Goodreads is a pain. Seriously. I have 800+ books over there and I refuse to use their export thing, because that ends up creating more work than I care to think about it (I’ve done it several times in the past and it’s nothing but a mess. Sorry, Goodreads, you’ll never be my number one choice). So I’m having to go year by year and title by title. I finished ’06 and ’07, but I’m going to probably need a month to recover before I start on the rest of them. After all, starting it ’08, I read 140+ books each year (and I’m heading that direction in 2012, too, as I’ve already read 50 books and it’s only May). Unlike over on LT, I don’t plan on reviewing the books I’ve already read, just the ones I’m going to be finishing for the rest of the year.

I guess this plays into the fact that I love making/maintaining/using lists. Goodreads isn’t my preferred format, but I know plenty of people (including a few of the people I’m closest to) who use Goodreads religiously (my sister, on the other hand, uses LT and she’s the reason I’m a loyal LT user). It’s just shame that there isn’t something like this for movies/tv shows.

Which is why, next up, I’ll probably talk about some of the movies I’ve watched recently (aka in the past and coming few days). Or I’ll talk about all those kdramas I love so much.

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