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The Avengers (assemble in my movie theater)

On this past Friday night, a friend of mine and I went to see The Avengers, which was an extremely good decision. Now, I have a few confessions to make, so let’s start at the very beginning (yes, this is going to be a post of lists … I’m not sorry).

  1. Comics: I don’t really read them. Yes, I do enjoy the occasional graphic novel (thanks to my parents introducing my sister and I to Maus) and there have been several that I’ve really liked (Watchmen is definitely not one of them, before you ask). But I’m usually pretty picky. Either the story has to be super good (see: Persepolis and Kim Dong Hwa’s Color of Earth series, along with a few others) or it has to be, um, shiny (aka Sandman (sort of) and Marvel 1602) — and sometimes even the combination of both (Joe Hill’s Locke & Key series, which is truly perfection in graphic novel format). I’ve also been known to dabble in manga (I enjoy Prince of Tennis and I’m attempting to get into Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, which you may or may not want to google). But, honestly, the only comic-comics I read regularly were a brief phase of reading Robin (as in Batman’s sidekick) comics. Marvel’s Avengers series wasn’t even on my radar, much less something I was interested in. I’m not really one for lots of super heroes (I’m picky, sadly or something) and, honestly, trying to play catch up with all of these different characters isn’t something I’m interested in. So, you know, that’s one strike against me.
  2. I used to hate RDJ. Seriously. In fact, when he made his “comeback” with Iron Man, I totally refused to see it in the theater. I made fun of anyone who went to see it and loved it … um, and then someone convinced me to watch it on dvd and I did and … well, two strikes against me became one because I totally fell in love (and, uh, I own it. Seriously). I still regret not seeing it in the theater and yes, I saw Iron Man 2 and yes I loved it and yes, I will watch the shit out of Iron Man 3 (and if I hadn’t watched Iron Man, I’m sure I wouldn’t have wanted to see Sherlock Holmes, so there’s that — but that’s neither here nor there). So, no to comics, but yes to RDJ.
  3. Thor. I love Thor (I even have a copy, though it was given to me, so I didn’t actually have to pay for it). I saw Thor with my father (last May, actually). Now, there are two important things about Thor: the first is that every time I see Thor, the man, all I can think of is George Kirk (I love the ’09 Star Trek movie). I know, they look totally different, because Thor is scruffy with long hair and, you know, a god. And George Kirk is, well, not any of those things. The second thing is that the week before my dad and I went to the movies, we watched a bunch of Wallander on dvd. Not the Swedish version, but the Kenneth Branagh version. This is important because the character of Magnus is played by Tom Hiddleston, who I promptly fell in love with. And then we went to see Thor. Where I promptly did the fangirl flip out because OH MY GOD, THAT’S HIDDLESTON. And, well, I’m totally a Loki fangirl (seriously, even though I like it when the good guys win). So, you know. George Kirk and Hiddleston really made that movie great (and Clark Gregg, but I love him because of his character on TWW).
  4. And then, because I had to, my friend (same one who went to The Avengers with me) and I watched Captain America and … honestly? The movie wasn’t that good. And, besides, Chris Evans just doesn’t do it for me. He’s cute, but no. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy Captian America, because I did. It just wasn’t that good (but better than The Green Hornet, which is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the past 10 years or so, and so if it’s better than GH, then that’s something). But, hey, it was okay and the action was kind of fun.
  5. Before The Avengers came out, I noticed that a lot of people really liked Jeremy Renner. I didn’t understand this, at all. He was just a dude who was in movies I wasn’t going to see (The Hurt Locker and The Town) and then a coworker of mine and I went to see the new MI movie (Ghost Protocol) and I totally got it. You see, it’s really all about Jeremy Renner’s ass. Honestly. You think I’m joking, but I’m not (mostly). I mean, I enjoyed the movie as a whole (shut up, I like Tom Cruise in the MI movies and also, Simon Pegg), but seriously. Have you seen Renner’s ass? Because, damn.

Which brings us to Friday night. I was going to The Avengers for two main reasons: Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner’s ass. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough of Renner’s ass, but that’s okay because I watched Ghost Protocol on Saturday night. But there was a lot of Hiddleston and he totally didn’t disappoint. But even more awesome was the actual movie itself. Now, I don’t like Joss Wheadon or his shows (I have liked them, in the past, but they are far too problematic for me), so I wasn’t really sure what to think, because you know, Joss. BUT. Oh my god, y’all. It was so great! It was hilarious and kind of sad at one point, but it was also super well filmed and kind of surprisingly well acted. And also, I totally liked the cast. I mean, they had chemistry — we’re talking Ocean’s 11White Collar, early season AliasLeverage, and so on chemistry. Even when they weren’t supposed to be “getting along” they worked so well together.

Which is all to say, you should see all those other movies first, but you don’t have to because the movie does a good job standing on it’s own. My two complaints are the fact that there are only two women who are main(ish) characters (they both kick ass, but still, only two) and the fact that there was so much laughter that I couldn’t hear a lot of the dialogue after funny lines. Otherwise, it was pretty much the best (proper) super hero movie I’ve see recently — and certainly the best one with a group.

Tl;dr version: Go see The Avengers, it’s awesome. And also, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner’s ass.

PS: I plan to see this movie at least once more. In the theater. At least once more. #justsaying

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