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Friday Links (aren’t feeling very newsworthy)

Today’s links are mostly a bunch of pictures/videos, but I suppose that’s the way things end up. I’ve been watching more Wimbledon than anything else, to be quite honest. But we’ll start with a few blog posts.

    • In a lot of geekish circles I read/travel in, gaming and women has been a pretty hot topic. There’s been a lot of drama about women playing video games, about who the audience of games are and so on. Skepchick has a really good article about the lack of women characters in World of Warcraft, but the article is more meta that just that. I recommend giving it a read.
    • Phil Plait, of Bad Astronomy always posts really good time-lapse videos (which I really love) and the other day he posted a great one by Tor Even Mathisen, filmed in northern Norway, it includes auroras and snow — the perfect thing to watch since SE Michigan is under a heat advisory at the moment.
    • I recently finished a great Korean drama (tv show) called Hero (2012/OCN). I plan to review the whole show (it’s only 9 episodes) eventually, but if anyone is interested in what it is I like, you can watch the whole show on Hulu. Also, be sure to check out the kdrama City Hunter on Netflix Instant, it’s also good.

15 thoughts on “Friday Links (aren’t feeling very newsworthy)

      • I haven’t seen Personal Taste, but I did see him (and like him) in Boys Over Flowers (sigh). My friend watched K2H and loved it, it’s on my list. Right now I’m watching Ghost.

      • I have such a long list of dramas to watch, LOL! I kind of want to watch Big. I’m around 7 minutes into episode 2 of Ghost and I love it. I’m a big fan of the crime genre, tbh.

      • Big is awesome!! Gong Yoo is an incredible actor, I can’t take my eyes off him in Big or Coffee Prince (not just because he’s hot lol), but also besides him the storyline is really surprising. It is completely uunpredictable. 8 episodes have aired and everyone is still trying to figure out what is going to happen next and which guy she’ll end up with. I think I am going to start watching Ghost soon.

      • I’ve heard good things about it, but I’m not sure. I’m looking forward to watching LMH’s new drama and hopefully a second season of Vampire Prosecutor, which is my favorite kdrama.

      • I would at least give Big a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised. It’s nothing like other Hong sisters dramas so I know I was surprised lol. Vampire Prosecuter is definitely on my list to watch soon lol. A few people have told me to watch it. Which drama is he going to be in?

      • I plan to definitely give it a try, though probably not until it’s finished airing. I love VP more than words can explain (followed closely by SUFBB and OCN’s Hero). LMH is going to be in a time travel doctor drama called Faith, which will inevitably be much better than Jaejoong’s, LOL.

      • I’m going to get to watching it soon. It’s like you said, so many dramas, so little time lol. But it’s at the top of my list. Boy Korea is liking the time travel theme aren’t they? Lol. I will watch it though because it has Lee Min Ho.

      • Good! It’s so great. I need a second season so bad. And that’s so true! I have over 60 that I want to try to watch, at least. LOL sigh. Korea does love the time travel, you’re right. I did (mostly) like Rooftop Prince, though. And of course, I’ll watch it because of LMH, too. 😀

      • I didn’t like the ending of RTP and I really wanted to watch Queen Inhyun, but I haven’t found it with subs, or at least I think it was that one. My hope is that it’ll be good bc of him as well, LOL.

      • I liked the ending a lot, but I’m a weirdo. I kinow a lot of people who didn’t like the ending. It made me bawl though lol. Dramacrazy.net has Queen Inhyun with subs. Most people really like QIHM, so maybe you’ll have better luck than me. I don’t know why I wasn’t connecting with it right now.

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