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Links: 08/02-08/07

Today’s links are shorter, though there’s an amusing story about an adult going to a One Direction concert. I do wish I had tickets for the 1D show in Detroit next Sunday.

Apparently they’re adapting Andy Weir’s fantastic book The Martian into a movie … I’m not sure how I feel about it. But, regardless, if you haven’t read The Martian and you like science-science fiction (instead of science fantasy), you should definitely read it. The Martian is amazing.

 Q&A: Can Airlifting Rhinos Out of South Africa Save the Species?: In 2015 an organization called Rhinos Without Borders will move a hundred rhinos from South Africa to Botswana. (National Geographic) Note: there is a slightly graphic picture of a poached rhino.

 These Cycling Desks Charge Your Phone–And Your Muscles–While You Work:  At the office or airport, 30 minutes of easy pedaling on a WeBike will get you a full iPhone charge and keep you fit. (Fast Company/Co.Exist) Note: I’m not sure how these will adjust, as people are not all the same height

Instant Replay: Justice in the Age of the Viral Video (New Yorker)

Comcast Confessions: why the cable guy is always late:  More than 100 Comcast employees spoke to The Verge about life inside the nation’s largest cable and broadband company (The Verge)

I Want It, and I Want It Now — It’s Time for Instant Gratification: As for whether there’s demand, forces are converging to fulfill the notion of what some pundits label “IWWIWWIWI.” That is, “I want what I want when I want it.” It’s not the easiest acronym to get your tongue around — but it’s pretty to look at, and it’s right on the money. (Re/Code)

The Marijuana Retirement: How My Parents Became Late-Life Pot Moguls (New York Magazine)

Why Did Two U.S. Missionaries Get an Ebola Serum While Africans Are Left to Die?: The inequality in care couldn’t be starker. When a doctor and aid worker from the United States are stricken with a horrific disease, an erstwhile unknown cure is sent from freezers at the National Institutes of Health in suburban Washington, D.C., to a hospital on the other side of the world, and a Gulfstream jet outfitted for medevac is arranged to deliver them to one of the world’s premier medical centers. But when two Liberian nurses working at the same hospital are stricken with the same disease, they are treated with the standard of care that other affected Africans—those lucky enough to receive any medical attention at all—have been afforded for the past seven months: saline infusions and electrolytes to keep them hydrated. (New Republic)

The True Story Of Being A 25-Year-Old And Going To A One Direction Concert Alone:  It happened to me. I went to a One Direction concert by myself. This is my story. (Buzzfeed)

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