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Music Sundays: The Ark

You’ve probably noticed the lack of ladies on music Sundays, well, that’s about to change! There’s a new girl group that’s just debuted (kpop) and they are fantastic! I’ve been watching to a lot of their fancams and they are super fantastic. They can sing (and rap) very well, their music is fun, and they harmonize exquisitely. I can’t wait for them to release more stuff!

Here are one of their medley covers (if you’re into kpop, you’ll recognize some, if not all, of these):

They also covered a Bangtan Boys (BTS) song called Boy in Luv (and did it 100x better than the original):

They also covered (better than the original as well) Hanson’s song MMMBop (I sent this to my sister, who quite enjoyed it and she’s not a kpop fan):

And, lastly, here’s an acoustic version of their actual debut single, The Light:

See? I need more! I totally need more. I can’t wait! And, here they are, being adorable during photoshoots:

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