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Series Review: Bridal Mask (Gaksital)

“I thought she died that day. But she’s alive. What do I do? I have to kill her.”
created by joowons

Spoilers for all 28 episodes.

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On Tuesday I reviewed a drama that took me around a year or so to watch. The drama I’m talking about today came out in 2012, so, you know, that took even longer to watch.

Bridal Mask or Gaksital is based based on a manhwa (Korean graphic novel, similar to manga) of the same name by Huh Young Man. Once I realized that it was basically a comic book TV show, I ended up enjoying it a lot more. Unfortunately, that took a long time because the show has a lot of things going against it.

  1. The main star is played by Joo Won, who I’ve only seen in two things. One was a ridiculous movie (S.I.U.) which I very much enjoyed and the other was a very terrible kdrama called 7th Grade Civil Servant. Joo Won is actually a very good actor, but the drama I saw him in was awful and basically he was the worst.
  2. Another thing going against this drama was the actress Jin Se Yeon. I have no idea if she’s a good actress, because she’s been terrible in the two things I’ve seen her in, this drama and the very awful Stranger.
  3. And, of course, the third thing going against this drama was also something going for this drama. Park Ki Woong is one of my favorite Korean actors (he’s in my favorite drama, Story of a Man/A Man’s Story) and he plays the third rung of the love triangle and also a bad guy. It was very hard for me to get into this drama knowing that fact.

Those three things made it very hard to keep watching. I don’t remember when I started this, maybe back in 2012? It’d been a really long time, but I was feeling like I needed to complete this after I’d completed MLFAS. Actually, it was more like I felt that I could completely it because I’d completed the previous drama. I hadn’t counted on a lot things – like the fact that in some ways I really ended up liking this drama.

created by joowons

created by joowons

Bridal Mask is so named because the main character becomes the hero of the show – a freedom fighter who wears a bridal mask, hence the name. There’s a lot of yelling “GAKSITAL” throughout the drama, it’s amusing. Set in Seoul in the 1930s, in the midst of the Japanese occupation, Joo Won’s character, Lee Kang To, must come to terms with his family’s past, their deaths and the world he now inhabits.

The first couple of episodes set up the story, giving us background about Kang To, his mentally challenged older brother and what Kang To does for a living (he’s a policeman in the Japanese police force). We also learn that Kang To is best friends with a Japanese school teacher, Kimura Shunji, played by Park Ki Woong. Shunji and Kang To have been friends for a long time even though one of them is Korean and the other is Japanese.

Kang To’s brother dies, which is how Kang To finds out that much of his life has been a lie. His brother, in order to get revenge for their father’s death, pretended to have lost his mind, but was really masquerading as the Bridal Mask. And, in turn, Kang To must decide if he wants to avenge the death of his brother and his brother by donning the mask as well.

He does, of course. And we come to the first really dramatic (as opposed to traumatic – Kang To kills his brother, thinking he’s killed Bridal Mask, who he’s been sent to capture or kill) moment when Kang To, dressed as Bridal Mask, kills Shunji’s older brother. Shunji witnesses this and goes over Bridal Mask. They fight, Kang To, still dressed as Bridal Mask, flees and eventually is thought to be dead. Shungji is rewarded and becomes one of the police force. And thus the drama really gets going.

created by joowons

created by joowons

Obviously Kang To’s not dead and when he comes back, he starts leading a double life arguably worse than his brothers. Instead of quitting the police force, Kang To continues to work against the Korean people while at the same time helping them out. Jin Se Yeon’s character is the love interest for both men. Boon Yi (her character’s real name, though she’s known as different things to different people) was friends with Kang To when they were little kids and she befriend Shunji later in life.

There’s a lot of tears and lies throughout this drama. It takes Kang To a long time to reveal to Boon Yi who he is and eventually they realize they knew each other a long time ago. Their romance is almost believable. Sadly, Boon Yi is a wasted character in many ways because the actress just isn’t good enough to carry her. As Dramabeans said in one of her recaps, Boon Yi’s much more interesting when she’s off screen.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any great female characters, there are plenty of them. The best is Han Chae Ah. Her character, Ueno Rie, is Korean. As a child she became a gisaeng (similar to that of a Japanese geisha) until she was adopted by a powerful Japanese man. She is loyal to him, because he gave her life, but her heart betrays her in the end – not just because she falls in love with Kang To when she’s meant to kill him, but because her love of Korea is stronger than any loyalty to her adopted father. Han Chae Ah’s acting is phenomenal and Ueno Rie is probably the best and most interesting character in the entire drama. Every scene with her was good, no matter how short it was.

“No matter where you are or what you’re doing, I’ll definitely find you. I’ll find you and, I will protect you at any cost.”
created byjoowons

All of the character interact with each other in different ways and at different times. But the goal for many of them is the same – find Bridal Mask and kill him. Even Kang To himself is assigned to the case. Of course, everything changes when rebellion spreads through the Korean populace and again when it’s revealed that Kang To has been Bridal Mask for a very long time.

The end of the drama is actually quite well done. Most of the character don’t get a happy ending, but some do. Kang To, on the other hand, doesn’t, but of course most super heroes and freedom fighters don’t. I thought the ending, which I won’t completely spoil here, was very well done and fit the tone of the drama.

Overall, in spite of my reservations and dislike of Park Ki Woong as a bad guy, I thought this drama was actually quite good. The acting, aside from Jin Se Yeon, was really good, even when it was over the top. If you have 28 hours to spare and an interest in comic book dramas, give Bridal Mask a try.

“It doesn’t hurt? You’re crying. You think I don’t know that?”
-Sorry…I’m sorry Shunji.-

created by joowons

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