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Music Sundays: SPEED – What U

By the time this posts, Speed’s new single (hopefully album, even a mini would be okay) will have already come out. But here’s the first performance of their new song (without their Leader, Taewoon, who left the group earlier this year), What U. I was really apprehensive, because Speed is my favorite kpop group and Taewoon has been with them since the beginning. But, much to my surprise, I found I didn’t really miss Taewoon’s rapping, which is slightly sad, but at the same time, I feel like the group might be able to explore other types of music now that he’s gone. They still have two rappers (Sejoon, the one with the dark hair and great eyebrows) and Sungmin (he’s the one in the snapback, rapping). The rest of the group consists of the vocal line who have always been pretty good but sound even better here. Taewoon’s replacement, Seungri (Ki-o, he’s wearing a bandana around his neck) is a singer, though I’m not sure Speed needed another. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the performance. I did.


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