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Music Sunday: LUCY

I am so excited to share this artist with you! LUCY is a band of four members (from South Korea). They were part of a show called Superband and four of the original members decided to stay together (I am honestly not sure if they were a band before the show, but it seems like they were) as LUCY. I am so thankful that they did, because their music is fantastic! I have a soft spot for bands and I’m always happy to share them with people. You can learn more about the band on this reddit post.

They debuted earlier this year with the song Flowering (look for it behind the cut) and that’s how I discovered them. They came back on the 13th with a 6 track EP called Panorama (which is great, let me tell you). I’d like to share their comeback song, Jogging.

Find LUCY on Spotify and Apple Music.

Please enjoy their debut song, Flowering (it is really quite good).

Another song off their EP (I LOVE this song):

And here are a few covers by the whole band and by different members. Please enjoy!

And, lastly, a medley of hit songs by other groups at their company.

If you made it through all of these – please love these guys! They are fantastic.

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