Let’s Start The Week Right #2

Some stuff to help you get through the week or at least give you a new perspective on things. This week’s article is from 2016 but it is as relevant today as it was five years ago.

An article to read:

We Are All Witnesses: Twenty months after Tamir Rice was killed in Cleveland, his mother is still grappling with how to grieve in private following her son’s public death (The Ringer)

An interview to listen to:

Hanif Abdurraqib: Moments of Shared Witnessing (On Being)

A book to read:

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

If you’re a fan of horror, especially gothic horror rooted more in the supernatural than gore, Moreno-Garcia is the book for you. It was reminiscent of the gothic horror from the film Crimson Peak (excellent film, would recommend), except that Mexican Gothic is set in 1950s Mexico. We follow Noemí as she embarks on an adventure to try to figure out what’s going on with her newly-married cousin. What she finds is much worse than she could expect and before long, Noemí finds herself tangled up the same family mess that ensnared her sister. Moreno-Garcia’s writing is excellent, the story is extremely gripping, and the ending equally as satisfying.

Rating: 10/10 – if you like any sort of gothic/historical horror and a well-written story, I can highly recommend Mexican Gothic.

Music to listen to:

Joey Alexander’s newest release. Joey is a young jazz pianist who is exceptional. You can find his music on Spotify and Apple.

YouTube video to watch:

WIRED has these great videos on YT where experts in specific fields review relevant scenes from movies/tv shows. This week’s selection are two videos by hacker Samy Kamkar. Below is the first time he was on and he did another one recently, which you can find here.

Something nice to look at:

Spring violets by Rachel Kramer

Music Sundays: zai.ro

Today’s artist is singer/songwriter zai.ro. He’s worked with a bunch of kpop singers, but debuted in 2017 to showcase his own talents. I’m so glad he did, because I absolutely love his sound! His music is very chill. His band was on a music show (the same one as LUCY) and finished fourth. As always, I found him via YouTube. I’ve included his newest release, Good Boy, as well as a live performance. I hope you like him!

You can find him on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: Jimmy Brown

I’ve always enjoyed the slower, not-quite ballad songs (not that I don’t enjoy ballads, because I do), especially if they are more on the R&B side of things. Jimmy Brown’s music falls squarely in that category and I absolute love his style and his voice. Earlier this year he released an EP called Irene and it is fantastic. I couldn’t select just one song, so you get four of the five songs on the album. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do!

Find him on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: VAV

A boy group today! VAV is a group I’ve been a fan of for a while, in fact I got to see them in concert a few years ago. They were wonderful! One of their members, Baron, just enlisted in the military (it’s mandatory for all Korean men) and the song I’ve selected is the last song they released before he left. It’s really good and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

VAV have been around since 2015, though I’ve only been a fan since 2017, after their lineup change. They are very fun, all of the videos on their YouTube channel are subbed in English and they have great music.

You can find them on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: JUNNY

I can’t remember how I first stumbled onto JUNNY’s music, but I’m glad I did. Probably it was through Youtube (not one is surprised). He’s was born in Canada, but lives in South Korea, where he moved to work on his music. And it is so good. I’ve selected two songs – the first is his newest song, the second, Thank You, is probably his most popular. Both are very good. Please enjoy!

You can find JUNNY on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: H&D

Sometimes you listen to singers and you like their music, but it doesn’t speak to you. Instead it’s just something nice to listen to. Sometimes, though, a song just runs you over and you’re completely taken aback by how good the song is. That’s what happened with Umbrella by H&D. This duo, made up of Lee Hangyul (the ‘H’) and Nam Dohyon (the ‘D’), who were part of the winning group X1 on a survival show. Their debut album was pretty good, but Umbrella is an exceptional song.

As a general rule, I’m not a huge fan of survival shows (they are stressful, my favorites never win, and the winning groups already always temporary). However, I have been a fan of a lot of groups that came from these shows – whether temporary (such as RAINZ) or permanent (like AB6IX and CIX). I might hate the shows, but much to my dismay, I like the product.

Anyway, please enjoy this song by H&D! You can find them on Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: wave to earth

This week’s artist is wave to earth. They are a Korean indie band and, on occasion, the lead singer’s voice reminds of early Sondre Lerche (this is a good thing). As I find all artists these days, I first heard them on YouTube. I like all of their songs, but especially the live performance that first introduced them to me. I’ve included their most recent release Ride (off of Summer Flows 0.02) as well as the live show they did recently. Enjoy!

Find them on Spotify and Apple Music and SoundCloud.

Music Sundays: Achii

Today’s recommendation is an artist I don’t really know much about, except that he was (is?) part of a duo called Exist. They released a song in May of 2019 called Whatever (you can watching the music video on Youtube). Achii started releasing music by himself around a year ago, but I didn’t listen to any of music until January of this year. The song I’ve picked for this post is one of the first I heard and it is so good. I absolutely love his music and find that it’s really good for writing.

You can listen to Achii on Apple Music and Spotify. You can list to Exist on SoundCloud.

I hope you enjoy his singing as much as I do.

Music Sundays: OnlyOneOf

Today’s artist is the kpop group called OnlyOneOf. They debuted in May of 2019 and something about their music appealed to me almost immediately. Their debut music was fantastic and they have continued to release excellent music consistently, including their last two releases.

The two videos that make up today’s post are their two most recent releases, part of their “Produced by []” series. All of the songs on this album were produced by famous producers. a sOng Of ice & fire was produced by GroovyRoom and angle was produced by Gray. I’m a fan of both of those artists.

I hope you enjoy these songs! Please check out all of OnlyOneOf’s music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Oh, also, if you’re wondering, my favorite member of the group is Junji – he’s the one with hair in his face (it’s blond in angel and silver in sOng Of ice & fire).

Music Sunday: LUCY

I am so excited to share this artist with you! LUCY is a band of four members (from South Korea). They were part of a show called Superband and four of the original members decided to stay together (I am honestly not sure if they were a band before the show, but it seems like they were) as LUCY. I am so thankful that they did, because their music is fantastic! I have a soft spot for bands and I’m always happy to share them with people. You can learn more about the band on this reddit post.

They debuted earlier this year with the song Flowering (look for it behind the cut) and that’s how I discovered them. They came back on the 13th with a 6 track EP called Panorama (which is great, let me tell you). I’d like to share their comeback song, Jogging.

Find LUCY on Spotify and Apple Music.

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