Music Sundays: Xiao Yu – 同在 With You (華納 official HD 官方MV)

I’ve been a fan of Xiao Yu since I first listening to his album, 再一次, back in 2012. Which was the last time he released anything new. You can listen to that album on Spotify. That means it’s been five years since he’s released anything and he finally released a music video and a new album and, you guys? They’re amazing. I expected nothing less and I was rewarded greatly. Please enjoy this!

If you like it, check out the new album.

Music Sundays: Diana Gameros – Ligerita

I was listening to NPR toward the end of March and hear Diana. She was interviewed because her entry into NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest was really good. And it is! Her voice captured me the moment they played the song. You can listen to the interview here and the song below. If you like it, check out more on her website. I hope you like it as much as I do.