Sports Links

A collection of sports related links that I’ve come across recently.

Positive Evolution: ESPN’s World Cup coverage has come a long way. (Sports on Earth)

Op-ed: E-sports cannot fight segregation with segregation: The reversal of one “men-only” tourney isn’t enough to save e-sports. (Ars Technica)

Ji Cheng battles away in the Tour de France:  Chinese star is surviving so far in world’s most famous race but it gets more gruelling from now (South China Morning Post)

A Sociological History of Soccer Violence: How social and cultural rifts manifest themselves through sports—especially when fans identify intensely with their team (The Atlantic)

The Plight of Lionel Messi: The Argentinian star is one of soccer’s greats. But he just narrowly missed out on an opportunity to cement his legacy and prove skeptical countrymen wrong. (The Atlantic)

Lionel Messi Is Sad (Slate)

The Older, Wiser LeBron James: His essay announcing his return to Cleveland seems designed to signal that he’s not the same guy who enraged the nation with The Decision. (The Atlantic)

With Germany’s win Microsoft perfectly predicted the World Cup’s knockout round (Quartz)

 “Then one of our glitter terrorists fired his gun”: The World Cup’s wild, naked anti-government protests Artists and LGBT activists are protesting FIFA in a carnival of costumes and graffiti (Salon)

Epic Soccer-Like Battles of History: Here’s our martial World Cup wrap-up — where the beautiful game is just war by other means. (Foreign Policy)

Details of Alberto Contador’s Tour-ending crash: Alberto Contador stood on the wet grass, blood pouring out of a deep cut to his right knee. Photographers swirled around him, the race doctor attended to his injuries. He motioned to his mechanic, a hint of frustration etched across his face. He sat down, dejected, and changed out his left shoe, its buckle smashed to pieces. (Velonews)

‘It’s Like Jail Here’: Watching the World Cup finals in the labor camps of Qatar. (Foreign Policy)