Music Sundays: 태일 (TAEIL) – 흔들린다 (Inspiring) (Prod. By 40) MV

Some of you might remember that last summer I went to see the kpop group Block B in Washington DC. Some of you might also remember that the musical (aka Block B) part of the experience was not the greatest and I promptly fell out of love with Block B. Yeah, that hasn’t changed, sorry about that. But, instead, one of their supertalented singers has finally release a single! I wish it was an album, but I’ll take what I can get. The following is the music video for Taeil’s single. Sadly, he isn’t in the MV, which is so-so, but the song is amazing. So, enjoy!

Music Sundays: Block B – 빛이 되어줘 (Be The Light)

These boys, known as Block B, are pretty much my favorite kpop group (sorry Big Bang, though I still love you and you’re coming back soon). This was the song that convinced me to check into them more. And here’s the song that made me fall in love.