Music Sundays: Xiao Yu – 同在 With You (華納 official HD 官方MV)

I’ve been a fan of Xiao Yu since I first listening to his album, 再一次, back in 2012. Which was the last time he released anything new. You can listen to that album on Spotify. That means it’s been five years since he’s released anything and he finally released a music video and a new album and, you guys? They’re amazing. I expected nothing less and I was rewarded greatly. Please enjoy this!

If you like it, check out the new album.

Music Sundays – 韋禮安 Weibird Wei – 在意 What You Think Of Me (官方版MV)

I was looking for something to listen to at work and started going through my Watch Later playlist. I’d forgotten about the music video for Weibird Wei’s new song and it’s amazing!

If you like it, his album is also on Spotify.

Music Sundays: Jung Yong Hwa with JJ Lin – Checkmate

Jung Yonghwa (left) and JJ Lin (right)

Jung Yonghwa (left) and JJ Lin (right)

Yonghwa is the lead singer of the kpop band (they don’t really dance, they play instruments and sing) CNBlue, of whom I am a fan. While Yonghwa isn’t my favorite in the group, I absolutely love his voice. When I read that he was going to release a solo album, I was pretty excited. And then I found out that he was collaborating with one of my favorite Mandarin singers, JJ Lin, which made me even more excited. This is the music video for their collab song — and it’s fantastic. For subtitles, just turn on closed captioning (CC).

Music Sundays: 吴亦凡 Wu Yi Fan – 《时间煮雨》Time Boils the Rain {Official Audio}

Wu Yifan (known also as Kris, formerly of the kpop group EXO) just released a single(?) for the third installment of the Chinese film franchinese Tiny Times and it’s WONDERFUL. I mean, I’m a fan of his, so maybe that’s also the fangirl in me talking, but … decide for yourself.