Singing Live (in a studio)

I’m a sucker for live shows, though I’ve noticed that a lot of kpop groups don’t really do the whole singing live thing very well. There’s a lot of lip syncing going on, which makes sense because they do a lot of dancing, and no one wants to hear panting instead of singing. It doesn’t really bother me, especially since I’ve mostly stopped listening to kpop boy bands (CNBlue doesn’t dance, they sing and play their own instruments and a lot of the solo artists I like might dance, but they don’t necessarily do a lot of it while singing). But one of the bands I do like (if not necessarily their music when they’re together) is ss501 and my favorite of their members (my bias, as it were), is Heo Young Saeng. He’s just come out with an album (my copy of which I’m (not so) patiently waiting for) and has been doing some promotions, which including singing, almost karaoke style, to his own songs. And he’s, um, awesome. I love his voice and his adorable little self. So, you know, enjoy. Because I did.


Friday Links (are relevant to my interests)

I kind of hope this’ll become a weekly feature, but I’m just testing it out at the moment. The topics will change, from week to week, and so will the format, maybe (at first). But anyway, here goes.