Music Sundays: 이루펀트 (ELUPHANT) – MOTM (Feat. 수다쟁이, Huckleberry P, RHYME -A-)

Music Sundays are back! Holidays and vacations got kind of in the way, but now that 20we’re in the middle of July, I’m getting things back on track. Enjoy.

Here’s audio of a song I really like by the khiphop group Eluphant (made up of Minos and Kebee) and starring guys from their crew, Speaking Trumpet.

Music Sundays: GIRIBOY (기리보이) – Back And Forth 30min (왕복 30분) (Feat. Shin Jisu (신지수))

I used to like Giriboy’s music, but sort of fell out of love with it. But my friend H had me watch this video and it’s pretty great! The lyrics are amusing (click on cc if they don’t show up automatically), the MV is very funny and the song is just … it’s cute, I guess? I don’t know, I’m strangely fond of it.

Music Sundays: NIEL(니엘) _ Lovekiller (못된 여자) (feat. Dok2)

There’s a kpop group named Teen Top and while I’m not interested in them as a group, one of their singers, Niel, released a solo album which is actually pretty great! It’s called oNIELy (I know, really) and this is one of the songs off of it. I don’t have feelings one way or the other about the music video, but I like the song a lot.

Music Sundays: Younha – Not There (feat. Eluphant)

My friend H linked me to this several weeks ago and I really liked the song. Eluhpant is a Korean hip hop duo (Kebee and Minos). The singer is Younha and right after I heard this song, I bought her album — which is equally as good as this song. This was from their comeback stage on KBS.

Music Sundays: Zion.T – Miss Kim

I’m a big fan of Zion.T (I posted two videos he did with Simon D last year). His music is quirky (not unlike himself), but also catching. His new mini album (literally mini, as it’s super short) is quite good, even if we all wish it was longer. This is the video for the single, Miss Kim. Everything about it, like Zion.T, is different — but in a truly great way.