Music Sundays: wave to earth

This week’s artist is wave to earth. They are a Korean indie band and, on occasion, the lead singer’s voice reminds of early Sondre Lerche (this is a good thing). As I find all artists these days, I first heard them on YouTube. I like all of their songs, but especially the live performance that first introduced them to me. I’ve included their most recent release Ride (off of Summer Flows 0.02) as well as the live show they did recently. Enjoy!

Find them on Spotify and Apple Music and SoundCloud.

Music Sundays: INNERLAW

Another one of those random singers that I stumbled upon on YouTube. I don’t know much about INNERLAW, except she’s a Korean singer/songwriter (follow her on IG here). I really, really love her sound. It’s very soothing and I’m delighted that her music is on Spotify.

Here’s her newest single, which is how I discovered her music.

You can listen to INNERLAW on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Music Sundays: NIve

Almost all of the new music I listen to I find one of two ways: NPR and YouTube. I know it seems weird that I would find new music from YouTube, but I subscribe to a lot of music channels that post music videos/performances by a lot of different artists (from indie bands to rappers to soloists). If I listen to something and I like it, then I follow them, if possible, on Spotify. One of these recent “finds” is NIve, who it turns out has been around for a while. You can learn more about him on Wikipedia.

I really like his sound, it’s somewhat pop mixed with singer-songwriter. It’s good music for working or writing (and probably driving, but who is driving a lot these days? Not me). I hope you’ll give him a chance!

Find him on Spotify and Apple Music.

The music video for his latest release, how do i, off of the single bandages.

Behind the cut you’ll find videos from his recent ONSTAGE performances (which is how I stumbled across his music).

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