Music Sundays: Achii

Today’s recommendation is an artist I don’t really know much about, except that he was (is?) part of a duo called Exist. They released a song in May of 2019 called Whatever (you can watching the music video on Youtube). Achii started releasing music by himself around a year ago, but I didn’t listen to any of music until January of this year. The song I’ve picked for this post is one of the first I heard and it is so good. I absolutely love his music and find that it’s really good for writing.

You can listen to Achii on Apple Music and Spotify. You can list to Exist on SoundCloud.

I hope you enjoy his singing as much as I do.

Music Sundays: Younha – Not There (feat. Eluphant)

My friend H linked me to this several weeks ago and I really liked the song. Eluhpant is a Korean hip hop duo (Kebee and Minos). The singer is Younha and right after I heard this song, I bought her album — which is equally as good as this song. This was from their comeback stage on KBS.

Music Sundays: Zion.T – Miss Kim

I’m a big fan of Zion.T (I posted two videos he did with Simon D last year). His music is quirky (not unlike himself), but also catching. His new mini album (literally mini, as it’s super short) is quite good, even if we all wish it was longer. This is the video for the single, Miss Kim. Everything about it, like Zion.T, is different — but in a truly great way.

Music Sundays: Simon D ft. Zion-T (Immortal Song 2) – Grass Leaf Love

Simon D is one of my favorite Korean rappers and Zion.T is one of the best R&B singers out there (Korean or non). They were on a Korean music program Immortal Song 2, which has idols (and others) performing legendary songs. Obviously, I don’t have any sort of historical frame of reference for these songs, but it’s always fun to see idols (etc) I like performing songs that the audience knows. And this is no exception.

Also, for comparison, here’s what they’re usually like together, performing the song Stay Cool (off of Simon’s album: Simon Dominic Presents ‘SNL LEAGUE BEGINS’):