Music Sundays: TAEMIN 태민_괴도 (Danger) -Music Video

I’ve talked before about my love for the group SHINee. Well, my favorite person in the group is Taemin, the youngest of the five. He also has a solo debut in 2015 (and will hopefully have one in 2016). Here’s the music video for one of the songs off his debut album, Ace.

And, because I love him you guys so much, here’s the concept video they made for his album.

Music Sundays: SHINee 샤이니 – Married To The Music -Music Video

As you have all noticed by now, I am a huge fan of SHINee. This is the music video for their new single of off the repackage* album of the same title. I love it. Hopefully you will, too.


* Repackage means that the album (Odd, in this case) is being re-released with additional songs. This sometimes works in fans’ favor. For example, with Niel re-released his album, I hadn’t purchased the original, so I got the same songs, plus the new ones. In SHINee’s case, I already bought Odd … which of course means that I bought MTTM, too. #fangirlproblems

Music Sundays: JONGHYUN 종현_’Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (feat. 아이언)’ Music Video

For those of you who’ve been following my kpop loves, you noticed that I’ve become a SHINee fan. Well, this now includes their solo stuff. Both Jonghyun and Taemin have released solo albums and I like them both.

Here’s the MV for Crazy, one of Jonghyun’s songs that I really like.

Music Sundays: Shinee – View

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become a huge fan of the group SHINee (though I usually write it as Shinee), in spite of their company. It’s because their newest album, Odd, is fantastic. Hopefully by the time this posts, my copy of the physical album will have arrived. Anyway, here’s a live performance and the music video fro Shinee’s newest single off the album.