The Wednesday Four (05/06/15)

A library-related link today, among some others.

I’m a binge TV watcher, but I prefer the term marathon. I also sometimes watch too much and, over the years, have learned how to pick and choose how many episodes I can watch. Some shows, like Midsomer Murders or shows that I’ve seen before and don’t require a lot of attention, I can watch for hours and hours. Other shows, especially the Korean dramas I watch that require more attention, I don’t marathon for as long. But it’s not always true. Sometimes marathoning is too stressful (like when I have to work through a backlog of Person of Interest episodes) or sometimes I really just want to finish a kdrama (because it’s exciting or because it’s terrible and I just have to finish it). I think that what and how you binge watch is as important as the fact that you’re doing it in the first place.