Super Hero Movies + My Parents

I’ve written in the past about my love for The Avengers and I really want my parents to go see the movie (when my Mom’s ready), so when I went home over Memorial Day, we spend the first three days I was hoping catching them up on The Avengers movie-verse. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. We seriously watched three super hero movies: Captain AmericaIron Man 2, and Thor.

I know that my relationship with my parents is different than most people’s. I feel this way about my relationship with movies, too. The first R-rated movie I ever saw in the theater was Rain Man. The first movie I ever rented with my good grades was Rear Window and the first R-rated movie I saw at home with my parents was Four Weddings and a Funeral. I have always, always loved going to movies with my parents, basically as much as I like going to movies with my friends. Over the Christmas holidays, my dad and I went to see Hugo and my whole family went to see the second Sherlock Holmes movie and The Artist. Sometimes when I’m at work, I’ll be looking through our DVD collection for something for a patron and stumble across movies I’ve seen with my parents. I can still remember the excitement of going to go see The River Wild (I was 16 and kind of in love with Kevin Bacon, so sue me). But also, my mom and I have seen a ton of movies, just because (Spy GameThe Usual Suspects,  and The Pelican Brief).

So it came as no surprise that my parents would like super hero movies. After all, my mom and I waited in line, when I was little, to see the Batman movies (you know, the Michael Keaton ones). And last May, when my dad was taking care of me after I’d sprained my left ankle and right foot (seriously), we went to see Thor. We’ve always liked the Superman movies as well. And when I saw that one of my libraries had Captain America in, I knew I had to check it out, and I did.

Captain America was way, way better the second time. I still don’t like tiny, CIG’d Chris Evans, but now that I have all these Captain America feelings, it wasn’t so bad. I also found that seeing these movies in close proximity with each other makes a huge difference. I got all of these connections (the tree on the wall that Red Skull knocks over, where Agent Coulson goes during Iron Man 2, etc etc) that I didn’t get the first time through. Back to Captain America, both my parents liked it — it wasn’t their favorite (it’s not mine), but was enjoyable. Then we watched Iron Man 2, which I’ve seen at least twice (it was on Netflix and I left my copy of the original Iron Man, along with my copy of Thor, at home). I love it, even though it’s probably the worst of the bunch so far. We mostly like Mickey Rourke and his electric whips. But what was also quite amusing that we watched it on Saturday, and then Monaco Grand Prix (which Tony Stark is racing in) was on Sunday the 27, aka the next day.

Then we watched Thor, which I’ve actually only seen once and my mother’s never seen. This was the favorite movie of the weekend (though I think we all agree that Iron Man is best). I’m in it for Loki/Tom Hiddleston. My dad doesn’t have a specific reason, though he does like Natalie Portman (she didn’t really annoy me this time through, which was nice) and my mom, well, she really took a liking to Thor. I found myself studying Loki far more than I had the first time through (because my dad and I had just watched Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander, which also stars Tom Hiddleston, so for most of the moving I was omging over him) and found him to still be a quite interesting character. But I also found the movie to be amusing, which made me realize that’s one of the things I love about these Marvel movies that I don’t like about the new Batman movies (aside from not liking Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne). They’re far too dark than what I’m looking for. Which is why even though not everything worked in The Avengers and some of the jokes weren’t quite in character, I didn’t mind so much because they made me laugh and that’s what I wanted.

Overall? It was a totally successful super hero weekend. I don’t know when my parents will see The Avengers, but now I know they’re prepared. Oh, and I totally saw Hawkeye in Thor. I didn’t realize who he was the first time around, so that was an added bonus.

Did I need to show them these movies? No. Am I glad I did? Totally. Should you see them? What are you waiting for?