The Wednesday Four

All of these links, aside from the one immediately under this paragraph, are from 2015. There will probably be more of these as I plow through my backlog.

Week 14 was a hot, hot mess.

Onto the links.

My birthday was Sunday and my friend and I went out for Korean BBQ. It was as delicious as it looks in the photo below.

Birthday lunch!

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The Wednesday Four (11/23/16)

Today’s links are all about the media. I still haven’t decided which media outlets to support and I am taking suggestions (note: I’m not subscribing to WAPO or NYT). Anyway, the links.

  • What Normalization Means: And so we should remain suspicious of efforts to welcome Trumpism into the fold of mainstream American ideas, particularly when normalizing him suggests the privilege to pick and choose, to infer the existence of another’s decency and humanity, to laugh, and to think that, at the end of the day, we all just want the same thing. (New Yorker)
  • Billionaires vs. the Press in the Era of Trump: A small group of superrich Americans — the president-elect among them — has laid the groundwork for an unprecedented legal assault on the media. Can they succeed? (New York Times)



The Wednesday Four (09/14/16)

Hey, I’m back! I’ve gathered lots of links over the last year I’m finally going to share them. I’m sure you’re all excited. Here are this week’s four. 

Color Tour ... September Ivy by Ken Scott

Color Tour … September Ivy by Ken Scott

The Wednesday Four (6/22/16)

Happy Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade Day! I wish I was in Cleveland. Onto the links.


2016 NBA Champions (c) Cavs

The Wednesday Four (03/02/16)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But we’re back! Or, rather, I’m back since there’s only one of me. Anyway, onto the links.

  • How to Speak Cat New research says that feline communication is possible—but not intuitive. (Atlas Obscura) – If only we could convince cats to stop spreading their allergens so I could own one! Someone I don’t think that’s going to happen, though.
  • What Should We Say About David Bowie and Lori Maddox? (Jezebel)
  • The Deep Space of Digital Reading Why we shouldn’t worry about leaving print behind. (Natilus)
  • Dark books What’s more wholesome than reading? Yet books wield a dangerous power: the best erode self, infecting readers with ideas (Aeon) – Yes, give me all the bad books! Okay, not really, but who are we to tell people what to read? But, seriously, this is a great article.

You get a bonus link today because it was both the first election I voted AND the year I graduated from high school/my first year of college.

Spring violetsSpring violets (c) Rachel Kramer

The Wednesday Four (12/30/15)

Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year! Here are some links for the last week of 2015.

Bonne année 2009 / Happy new year 2009Photo (c) Katphotos

The Wednesday Four

It’s been a while. Have some links. The DiCaprio interview reminded me why he used to be my favorite actor. Also, I do want to see his new movie, The Revenant, though I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be seeing it alone.

  • Speak Up!: A Graphic Account of Roxane Gay and Erica Jong’s Uncomfortable Conversation (Electric Literature)

Lake Michigan Fury

Lake Michigan Fury (c) Tom Gill