Music Sundays: 150221 Love Belt (Feat. 윤하) LIVE (푸른밤 종현입니다)

Another Jonghyun song! This is the audio from a live performance of Love Belt, my favorite song off of Jonghyun’s album. It’s actually him and the singer Younha, who I also love (and have mentioned on here before). This song is so great.

Music Sundays: 윤하 (Younha) – 우산 (Umbrella) MV (with bonus Epik High)

I’m a really big fan of Younha (I posted another one of her songs on here before) and I was happy to hear her come out with a new song. Except it wasn’t a new song. It was originally a collab between Epik High and Younha (the second video is the original).

Younha’s version:


The Epik High version (with Younha):

Music Sundays: Younha – Not There (feat. Eluphant)

My friend H linked me to this several weeks ago and I really liked the song. Eluhpant is a Korean hip hop duo (Kebee and Minos). The singer is Younha and right after I heard this song, I bought her album — which is equally as good as this song. This was from their comeback stage on KBS.